Call For Exhibitors at the 2nd Annual All Things Meetings Contra Costa County Reception & Trade Show

Call For Exhibitors at the 2nd Annual All Things Meetings Contra Costa County Reception & Trade Show

November 15, 2017 5:30 - 8pm
Roundhouse Conference Center

We just finished our very successful San Jose event with over 300 planners showing up.
We are now accepting exhibitors for

THE ALL THINGS MEETINGS 2nd ANNUAL RECEPTION & TRADE SHOW will be at the Roundhouse Conference Center in San Ramon, CA on Wednesday evening, November 15, 2017 from 5:30-8pm.

We are partnering with the Roundhouse Conference Center at Bishop Ranch. It’s cool. Walking distance to Chevron, Robert Half, Rodan & Fields, GE Digital, 24-Hour Fitness, plus all of the potential customers in Pleasanton Dublin, Livermore, Walnut Creek, blah-blah. This time we are holding the event in their new Marketplace and so there will be more space and light.  Check it out at 


  • All exhibitors will receive weekly rsvp updates with survey data from each attendee, plus the actual attendee list.
  • You will be listed on the exhibitor lists both on our invitations and on our web site and through social media promotions
  • Mobile App is created for each event – this becomes an active rolodex on the attendee’s phone. They will have you contact info and details on their phone.

And between you and me, just getting the rsvp and the attendee list with data is worth the price of exhibiting. I mean… really. It is.
Pricing depends upon how many salespeople and the size of the table.

  • A 6 foot table-top is $980 with a maximum of two salespeople per table.
  • Two vendors can split a table (one salesperson at $490 each).
  • If you have a partner, great. If not, I will pair you with another single (at $490) or provide a single “high-top” just for you (at $490).

Last year was our first year in Contra Costa and we ended up with 175 RSVPs and 95 qualified attendees. Based on my conversations with planners that missed it, or with new contacts we have made this year, we are projecting 225 RSVPs and 125 actual attendees… but of course it’s hard to say. Our other events seem to be growing so with some effort on our part we expect this to increase as well.

By the way, potential exhibitors often say… but we get so much and it is so cheap, what’s the catch? The answer is… there is no catch. It’s just a good deal (and apparently I am no-good at charging enough).
Sign Up:

  • Say yes, you want to participate (email me )
  • Tell me what kind of table and how many salespeople
  • Tell me your preferred payment method: whether you want to pay by check, credit card (there will be an additional credit card fee), or wire transfer (there will be an additional service fee).

I will send you the appropriate confirmation/invoice and you will be "set" for now. The invitations will go out October 1st and I will start sending you rsvp lists and show instructions at that time.
Sound like a plan? Questions?
Look forward to hearing yes. 

Neil Cramer
Cell is 707-738-5627

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