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More Team building Plus Etc

Part of my job… to give you (as in the meeting/event planner) ideas about things you can use. I try to put them in to categories, but sometimes they all just overlap. So here is a “conglomeration” that I hope you can use. :)

Hey, wait a second, how did this 496-room Scottsdale resort with 50k square feet of meeting space 36-holes of golf, a 90k sq. ft. casino, six restaurants, 3 pools and a Las Vegas style showroom appear in a team building blog? Because… they have a “zillion” team building options either on property or “like”, right there.

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I get a lot of e-mails. A recent one began, ”Hi, I was the former guitarist/vocalist for the multi-Platinum band, BOSTON…”. My first thought was… wow, this Nigerian Prince thing has really evolved, but as I read through it I realized, hey, this really was David Victor!

Why me? He now does this music/ team-building thing… and so I am now introducing him to you. You… David (the BOSTON guy). David…You. Here’s the brief over-view…

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Here's An Idea For A Meeting Venue

Ireland is one of those places I would go back to again and again. Some of the nicest people I have ever met (and you also want them on your side in a bar fight). I could write pages and pages, BUT… for now, I had asked my DMC friend, Derek Wallace with the Wallace Travel Group (, to give me an idea about a “different” meeting and/or event venue in or around Dublin. He recommended…

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Here's An Idea Vol I.

I really loved my experiences in Costa Rica. It has everything a planner could want, plus lots of “critters” (I like critters) and great photo opportunities (I like photo opportunities). I asked Mauricio Arevalo (a really nice guy) with Costa Rica DMC ( to suggest an event for a group that has limited time to really explore the amazing diversity that is Costa Rica. He suggested…

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...and budget was no object… what would I want to do

A big part of my business life has involved suggesting destinations and activities for corporate incentives and meetings. This blog theme… if I was the guy who decided… and budget was no object… what would I want to do. The options are endless, but I will start with this (and I will definitely bring my camera) and will continue the infinite series over time…

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I took my family for a quick get-away to the Mendocino Coast and thought it would be a great opportunity to do some research and write a blog about meeting options in the same way I have written about many other destinations.