A Few More Really “Cool Team-Building Ideas”

These (cool) guys are all over the country, and they travel too, so the destination choices are many…

Teams write completely original songs with help from musicians who work with the likes of Prince, Adele and David Bowie (and other names they could drop)...then perform them in a ‘battle of the bands’ showdown. The song theme can be about anything you choose… one group had their sales people compose songs so they could sing to their clients about their new products… but the possibilities are endless depending upon your goals. And of course… if you want… there are performance costumes. 

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Even More Cool Team-Building Ideas

There are so many things I love about living in San Francisco (but not including the new notion that turning on your emergency parking blinkers allows you to double park just over the crest of a hill or around a blind curve on a busy street at rush hour… don’t get me started).

Where was I… oh yes… Street Art is one of those things I love about the city. Makes the neighborhoods come alive with energy, with emotion, and with humor. So when you have a group in the city and are looking for some team building ideas with local flavor, it makes sense to introduce (and immerse) them in the world of San Francisco Street Art. So… check out…

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What… You thought we ran out of team building ideas?

About six years ago I had the good fortune of being invited to visit some of the grandest Hotels of Switzerland (and for that I am eternally grateful to Marius Karrer…visit his site at www.hotelsofswitzerland.com), and as part of that site inspection we ended up on some glacier, only to find that our small group of incentive planning types would be divided up and asked to compete in an ice sculpture contest.

As I have said before, the idea of team-building initially makes me roll my inner eyes, but… there was no way out (except straight down) so I joined in… and of course got really into it (and ice sculpting was not something I had previously gotten into). It ended up being one of those memorable moments… incidentally capped off with a helicopter ride through the Swiss Alps.

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Outrageous Theme Parties As Team Builders

Definition of Terms. Putting a hay bale and a wagon wheel on the buffet table and handing everyone a red kerchief and cowboy hat when they arrive is not a Theme Party. It’s what we professionals in the business refer to as “a stupid waste of money”.
My apologies go out to Directors of Catering Everywhere. But to calm everyone down, I am not saying that having incredible décor is not a great thing to have at your event. There are some amazing things available to make the party elegant or fun or crazy. It’s just not a theme party (by my definition and hey, this is my blog).

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Team Building Thoughts October 2015

The idea behind the idea-sharing is to give you ideas. Here are a few more that may spark some inspiration for your own team. Or you can connect with these guys…

How about team-building on a cruise ship? Hey wait a second… how about having your incentive and/or meeting at sea? (Note… they do stop at land too)… so here are some ideas (but in my words) shared by Shari Wallack, President of Buy-The-Sea … and for those of you who don’t know Shari, she DEFINITELY knows what she is talking about…

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Even more really “Cool Team-Building Ideas”

This takes a little pre-planning but is not only a fun, real team-building thing, it’s one of those give-back-to-the-community things that make everyone better (in some way). “A on A” arranged a partnership with the nationally known charity, Dress for Success, a provider of business clothing for women in need. DFS helps them prepare for job interviews, and supports them with clothing to wear until they get that first paycheck.

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