Production Alliance Network

San Francisco based Production Alliance Network (PAN), a new venture combining a pre-exisiting Conference Management company (The Host group but not the one you are thinking of) with several Full-Service Production, Lighting and Audio-Visual divisions. Forget all the old names (except for their client lists and experience), and just think PAN.
Why do I like them?
I think of them as the New Old Kids on the Block (or the Old New Kids). The two principals, Kyle Edwards and Stefan Gosiewski have arm-length resume’s going back 35-40 years, each with their own specialties. Together they provide something unique.

Kyle has been producing and managing corporate events for just about every major company you can think of… meetings, trade shows, conferences, conventions, incentives… you name it… and understands both the Branding Thing and the Budget Thing (combined with the Service Thing… never say no, provide options).

Stefan’s experience goes back to England in the 70’s where he pioneered the introduction of video in the London Club Scene, and then on to New York where he installed the first video system in Club 54. His resume’ includes producing all sorts of festivals, concerts (Elton John’s 60th Bday – just one example), films, commercials, and lots of other cool stuff. What do they bring to the table? They bring the two worlds together… combining everything Stefan knows from the festival, concert and film world with Kyle’s experience with the special Branding and service requirements of the Corporate World. In addition, they work with all of the top vendors (and I mean top) in all of those specialties and can combine the technologies and techniques of one with the other.

They also have the latest equipment and actually are a rental source for a lot of other AVProduction companies. Their San Francisco warehouse and showroom is crammed with “stuff”, and they have equipment stored in five major US cities.

And they are really nice guys.