Why A Hosted Buyer Opportunity Bulletin Board?

During my long and illustrious (?) career, I have been on both sides of the Hosted Buyer Thing. I have planned many a “Familiarization” trip (we now call them Hosted Buyer opportunities) and I have had the good fortune to be hosted to some very cool places so I could educate myself and then pass that knowledge along to my clients.

Qualified Buyers… and I mean really qualified, professional meeting planners with history, or a specific program they are looking to place… these folks need to be educated because that is their job. Once seen, you can sell the destination to the key players. Unless you go to a place, you have no idea.

Suppliers that want to get into the planner’s consideration set need to find and qualify them. That is not nearly as easy as it sounds. When I was arranging, I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for the right planners that had the dates available, especially since the trip couldn’t go unless we had some sort of minimum to make it worthwhile to the vendors. And on top of that, Suppliers commit a major amount of time and money to host these events and they have to justify it all (the ROI thing).

And… there all kinds of Hosted Buyer opportunities. Some are trips to a destination, some are invitations to attend international industry trade shows and events, some to a specific hotel… whatever you can think of… it exists (or given enough interest, can be created) .

So… since the mission of is to introduce everyone good to everyone else good, I thought it would be fun to create a free space where any Supplier (CVB, Hotel, DMC, Cruise Line, Industry Event Organizers etc) can post their Opportunity for free… and any meeting planners can check whenever they want to see if a destination they are considering is presented.

Important Note… By creating this Bulletin Board, I want to be clear that I have absolutely no authority in deciding who is qualified to attend. Each Opportunity lists their contact info and how to apply. Planners apply, Hosts qualify. I will have no idea who is applying to what, and who is accepted or rejected, any why. I’m just the guy who created the free space.

So… if you are a Supplier looking to expand your qualified buyer relationships, please post your event here (for free). Ifyou are a Planner, keep checking back here to see what is possible, or subscribe and we’ll let you know when a new opportunity is created.

And… have fun.