I am constantly being asked by people I know in the industry if I know of any job openings, or if I know anyone “good” that might be interested in an open position. I always say, if I hear of something I will let you know. Then, when I do hear of something I have to try and remember who asked me about what, and then look through old e-mails, and then try and introduce people… and… I don’t mind doing it, I just…. don’t really want to do it. So… 
All Things Meetings has launched a new addition to our All Things Meetings Online Community. The Job Board. (It’s free)
Job Board is a place where people can post and find employment opportunities specifically for Meeting, Event and Conference Planners or the people who work with them. This can be anyone on any side of the table… 
Buyers… includes any corporation, association or third-party that is looking for a qualified Planner (either full-time, part-time or contract) or… an executive assistant position where planning is part of the job.
Sellers… hotel sales and conference services, DMCs, event venues, essentially every service provider to the Meeting Industry. Whatever positions they need to fill that work with groups.
We are providing this service free of charge. You get to define how and where you would like to receive applications and to be contacted by potential candidates. 
Here’s the thing…It’s new.  I mean… we are just starting it…like last week. Not many postings yet. So we are asking everyone we know… if you have a job to post, please do. It’s easy.
Once we get enough postings we will begin to add filters by geography, job type and all of that… but for now… we ask that you help us get this thing started. And then with luck, it will take on a life of its own and I won’t have to dig through all of those e-mails anymore.
AND… we will promote the new JOB Board heavily via our blogs, newsletters and posts on social media. Plus we do three All Things Meetings Events every year in northern California… we’ll talk about it there too.
Go directly to the submit job page. Fill out the required fields and submit. We’ll do a quick review and then post within 24 hours of submission.
You can search anonymously and apply directly to any posted opportunity. Each employer will specify their preference on how to submit an application.