Crowdsourcing the Best of the Best…

My job is to introduce you to the Best of the Best. Last month I asked CVBs around the country to recommend ONE event venue in their respective cities and then published two blogs giving you their responses. Published the first ten and we’ll publish more as we go.

But then I thought… CVBs have some political limitations as to who they can recommend and what they can say. So why not compare what they recommend with what experienced planners recommend… and we’ll keep publishing the results and add them to our searchable Meeting Resource Library so everyone can benefit from the collective wisdom. Crowdsourcing. The Internet Thing. So… the first round…

We want you to know the Best-Of-The-Best in every city in the USA. Who better to ask than people who know from experience? You - Meeting and Event Planners Extraordinaire.

We are asking you and thousands of other event planners to give us their recommendations as to which stand-alone (non-hotel) event venue that you think is the best in every city. We will tabulate the results, and then publish a blog with the “winners” along with links to their web sites. We will add the information into our searchable Meeting Resource Library so everyone can have access to the information whenever they need it (and when we need it too) and will let you know when we publish the results.

Here are the rules for the survey…

  1. You can list up to five cities, BUT… you must limit yourself to one non-hotel event venue per city. The criteria for picking that venue is up to you (and you do not have to explain yourself). Use your judgement, taking into account its uniqueness (is that a word?), it’s coolness (definitely not a word), your experience there, or pretty much anything that is important that helps you pick the best of the best.

  2. All planners are eligible to participate in this survey. Venue employees are representatives are not eligible to participate… that is why we ask for your name, company name, and e-mail (so we can check). This info/data will definitely not be shared with anyone. Absolutely not.

  3. You can forward this survey to as many meeting/event planner colleagues as you wish. The more the better. 

Pretty simple and straightforward.

In case you are wondering why we stipulate non-hotel event venue… we’ll be asking about hotels (and a lot of other things) in future surveys. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your attention and remember to check out the latest blogs and the Meeting Resource Library on  .

By the way… Save the date Monday, April 8th, 2019 for the next All Things Meetings San Francisco Reception & Trade Show. This year will be at the Exploratorium and is going to be great. Invitations for official Registration will go out in early February. Did I say it is going to be great? If you are not already on the invitation list you can request to be added at


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