Preferred Hotels & Resorts 650+ member hotels in 85 countries

650 member hotel and resorts in 5 countires

Preferred Hotels & Resorts requires that each of its 650+ member hotels in 85 countries (divided into five categories) conform to the Preferred Standards of Excellence measured yearly by anonymous on-site inspections carried out by professional third-party experts. 650+ may sound like a lot of hotels (not to mention the category thing), but don’t worry about which category of property you need. Instead, just contact Jennifer Collins at and she will figure it all out for you. And of course, you can visit

Donna Cohen

I have decades of experience creating and producing online marketing. I left the corporate world to work independently with people who need help establishing and maintaining their online presence. Not everyone knows how, has the aptitude, or time to learn how to use online marketing tools, and nor should they have to try. Those people who need help and/or don't want an in-house marketing team work with me. Each client has different needs, goals and expectations. I do custom work for each of my clients. I get to know each person and know their voice, their style, rhythm and budget. 

I have a large skill set that covers the range of tasks for online marketing. It is both easy and cost efficient to work directly with me. I can get the whole job done. 

Website Design, Build and Optimization, SEO, Keywords, Hashtags, PhotoShop, Email Marketing and Newsletters - Mailchimp, Google Forms (Registration & Surveys), Survey Monkey, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Square, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Word, ePub, Excel, Audience Development, and more.

Book Production; Print and eBook, Design, coding, Marketing and building Audiences.