Directory of Convention Bureaus and Conference Resources

directory of convention bureaus and conferences resources

Here’s the thing about CVBs. I love some and I don’t love others. So much depends on the individual sales person you end up speaking with, plus the particular politics of the Bureau at that moment… so if the salesperson “gets it”, you get your RFP sent to exactly the right list of vendors. But be aware that sometimes you will get responses from some motel out by the airport and you have no idea why.

Anyway… you learn over time and develop your relationships (if you’re into that relationship thing). If you don’t already have those relationships lined up, here’s a directory of all of the CVBs in the US of A and how to contact them... 

And one last suggestion (for the moment). If you have a serious meeting, want something all-inclusive, and need a professionally-managed small to medium sized, affordable venue… and you need to tape things on the wall… then consider one of the members of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).

Member properties have to meet all sorts of “standards”, which is good for planners to know (like the official Seal of Approval thing)… although that does not always mean that everything is perfect because perfection varies from moment to moment and place to place… but it’s a start. (Note to planners… always do a site inspection).

The other nice thing about the site… you can send an RFP via the site to up to three member properties at a time (which saves you time). Check it out at