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All Things Meetings, Inc. organizes three events a year, introducing Bay Area meeting and event planners to Suppliers from around the world. They are FREE for qualified planners, reception includes Great Food, Wine and... Lots of Prizes. All events are held 5:30 - 8pm for ease of attendance after work.


Spring 2019

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Summer 2019 - Silicon Valley

Fall 2019 - East Bay

 If you are interested in exhibiting contact Neil Cramer
neil@allthingsmeetings.com or 707-738-5627

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What is the The ALL THINGS MEETINGS EVENT and WHY Should I Attend?



An important part of your job is to be ahead of the curve, on the cutting edge, out of the box, in the know, and many other phrases representing that same idea. How do you do that? You get out there and meet new vendors, network with your peers, find out what’s new, what’s hot, what’s cool, and what you can do that you never even thought you could.

Meet over 100 exhibitors representing every facet of meetings, conferences, trade shows, events (etc.) with the coolest, latest stuff… and you’ll learn about that stuff. If you think you know everything, you’re wrong (sorry), and this is an amazing (and free) opportunity to not only learn about resources critically important to your career, but have a really good time while you’re doing it.


For More Information about this upcoming event including inquiries about exhibiting
Contact Neil Cramer neil@allthingsmeetings.com


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