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My sales pitch. You’re busy and it takes time, lots of time, to figure out which hotels are the best fit, contact the right person, and get them to return your calls or give you complete information.

There’s a better way. We know everyone. We check with every property that matches your needs and quickly provide you with a summary of availability, rates, fees, taxes, meeting space and a link to the supplier’s web site.

Choose the properties that interest you, we introduce you to the right salesperson and have them send full proposals directly to you.

You can take over from there or we can help you arrange site inspections, review contracts, whatever you need.

Same with all of the other things you have to plan… need a DMC, or some team-building ideas, or pretty much anything that has to do with planning meetings, incentives and events? It’s the same process. We introduce you to the people we’ve vetted around the world.

And yes, it’s free to you.

Full disclosure…. Yes, the suppliers we recommend will often (but not always) compensate us with a commission or finder’s fee for the introduction. Our agreement with all of them is they cannot raise their prices to cover those fees. These are all solid relationships. If we don’t trust them, they are not on the list.

All Things Meetings. Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how I can help.

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