More Secrets For Meeting Planners To Help You Find Stuff

It goes without saying that you can always ask me. I should leave it that that, but that goes against my own mission statement to share cool stuff. 

You are tasked with finding a luxury hotel for an important meeting in a city you’ve never been. You know the big brands and can search for them by brand in each city… BUT… that leaves a lot of really cool choices off the table. When given a search by one of my “search clients”, I am able to find lots of great places they have never heard of because, having been in the biz for over 40 years (crazy), I have connections with Global Sales Offices for both the big guys and the little guys. If you don’t have sales reps for all the brands, then I suggest you take a look at the following, bookmark their web sites, and remember to check with them next time you have an event in one of the cities in their portfolio. These are not in any particular order of preference, so we will randomly start with…

Langham Hotels

They started in London 1865 and have expanded around the world, so presumably they know what they are doing. Besides their iconic London property, they now have 24 hotels in Asia, Australia and New Zealand (12 are in the pre-opening phase), 4 in the Middle East, and 7 in the USA (three of which are in the pre-opening phase). So… they are growing rapidly. To see and consider all of the options, definitely visit     

Rocco Forte Hotels

They say… “Prepare to Be Dazzled”, and I say… they are right. There are a lot of great hotels in the world, but these are some of the best of the best in Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, Rome, St. Petersburg, Sicily and…Jeddah.  So if you have high-end types as in a board meeting, incentive, or an in general important thing to book, consider


Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 11.01.54 PM.png

Hotels of Switzerland

For over 30 years Hotels of Switzerland has been the official North American meeting and incentive sales office for Switzerland's leading 11 independently owned 5 star hotels. From the traditional to the modern, all incredible.

I have worked with the organization’s Chicago-based President, Marius Karrer, for years, and he is one of those old-school Swiss guys that really goes all out to get you what you need, quickly and efficiently (the Swiss thing). If you want to consider Switzerland, absolutely check out

Dorchester Collection

I have had the good fortune to have stayed at most of the Dorchester Collection properties (and I felt rich even though I am not). Funny story… years ago I was in Milan with family and my daughter’s then boyfriend (now husband). We stayed at the Principe de Savoia and as a result my now son-in-law decided to go to law school so he could be rich and stay at hotels like The PdeS. He did it and now makes a lot more than I do (or ever will). I am still waiting for payback. As I was saying…

Dorchester Collection hotels are set amongst some of the most sought-after and glamorous locations throughout Europe and the USA, offering guest’s excellent standards of service paired with luxurious, exquisite design. The hotels are icons in their own right with worldwide reputations as places offering the best and most sough-after experiences, charm, elegance and service.

If you want to impress, visit

I have a lot more of these jewels to share, but I am told that no one can read more than a few paragraphs anymore, so I will wait until one of the next blogs.