Things You Can Use: TeamBuilding Idea and Online Tools for Planners


It may just be me, but the Universal Stress Level seems to have skyrocketed to new heights as the level of our political discourse has sunk to new lows. It is difficult to understand why, but I have decided that the Earth must be passing through the Van Allen Belt (look it up), and so as our electrons spin faster, it appears we are all going to Hell-in-a-Hand Basket. Yes, that must be it. It only appears that way. I feel so much better now.

This is also my excuse for being completely undisciplined and not being able to focus on a single-subject blog. That’s right… it’s not me, it’s the Van Allen Belt (look it up). So… once again… here are several subjects which we will divide up later in our web site archives. Let’s call this Potpourri. (Look it up.

As you may know, my mission is to share cool stuff I find about people I trust with you, and then you can share cool stuff back, and then we'll keep it all on the web site in a kind of a search-able library thing so other people looking for cool ideas can find them… and maybe they will add some ideas of their own, maybe not… but at least they will know they can always find cool stuff they can trust when they need it… and if enough people share all that cool stuff, then everyone will be happy.

Dopamine released. Stress levels down.

Team Building

Speaking of stress… imagine you are in a submarine lodged in a seabed fissure. If you can’t find a way out, you will sink like a rock and suffer a horrible death by suffocation. Or maybe you and your colleagues (that you don’t really know very well) stumbled into the wrong village only to find that it is about to be taken over by werewolves.

I have enough problems of my own without inventing any new ones, but oddly enough there are a lot of people who not only find this kind of horrific dilemma valuable as a team-builder, but also think it’s fun. If you are one of those, then welcome to SCRAP ENTERTAINMENT and The Real Escape Game.

Their event-style games are great team building opportunities for any group. It's an exciting way to spend time with coworkers and most importantly the group will have a wonderful shared experience (assuming they survive). This is a very mobile game style and they can fill a variety of venues while accommodating anywhere from 20-300 players at one time.

Actual Real Escape Rooms are currently located in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Toronto, but they can come to you and tailor the experience/game to your needs.

Cool On-line Resources

Here’s a cool online resource when your high-living Executive type says he/she wants something really cool and different for their next high-level retreat.

Chateauform’ has been operating venues dedicated to corporate meetings and events in Europe since 1996. Today these 45 “houses” are located in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and … China (which as far as I remember is not in Europe…yet). They are situated in countryside settings close to major European cities with easy access to and from international airports and with breathing space for working, reflection and relaxation.

All-inclusive, unique and generous residential packages (which include all meeting and break-out rooms with high-tech A.V. equipment, WiFi, all meals and breaks, refreshments, wine with lunch and dinner, open self-serve bar, guestrooms, plus many leisure and sport activities). No hidden costs since the total price is provided upfront. And huge bottom line savings because no European VAT is charged on U.S master billing (except in Germany – read the fine print and the verb comes at the end). The Chateau’s also provide scrumptious homemade food cooked by The Chef (presumably) and inspired by local recipes, using fresh local produce in seasonal dishes.

More Cool On-Line Resources

OK… want to keep dreaming (while being educated)? Just go to Scroll through it and dream (and plan your next company incentive or board retreat. Just make sure you get to go along to make sure everything goes “right”.