Even More Cool Team-Building Ideas

There are so many things I love about living in San Francisco (but not including the new notion that turning on your emergency parking blinkers allows you to double park just over the crest of a hill or around a blind curve on a busy street at rush hour… don’t get me started).

Where was I… oh yes… Street Art is one of those things I love about the city. Makes the neighborhoods come alive with energy, with emotion, and with humor. So when you have a group in the city and are looking for some team building ideas with local flavor, it makes sense to introduce (and immerse) them in the world of San Francisco Street Art. So… check out…


First Amendment (aka 1amsf.com). They guide your group in hands-on workshops introducing the city’s graffiti and street art culture. Your teams then design their “art” and message, and after an introduction to stenciling and a little spray can control practice, “do their thing” on an (authorized) exterior wall or on take away canvases… or on t-shirts, totes… or whatever you think you can get away with. 

Workshops can be at their gallery or they can come to you, or can include walking tours of some of the best SF street art. They seem like really cool and genuine people, so… do that. J 

Or… if you are going to Wine Country, you just have to check out http://www.sonomastompinggrapes.com/


What can I say about these guys? Eric Morrison has been doing team building grape stomps for more than 30 years and I am sure I participated in one of his first stomps… the years run together (all good) but it must have been at least 30 years ago that I got my feet wet. He now partners with his son, introducing a whole new generation to the sport.

Here’s the story… divide your group in teams, every team gets a half barrel filled with grapes, and the object is in a fixed amount of time, stomp more juice than your competitors. There’s a lot more to it, of course (team cheers etc.), but the upshot is an amazing amount of laughter while doing something with your colleagues that you have probably never done with anyone else. If you are going to Wine Country… do this.

And if you happen to be in San Francisco, Chicago or Portland, and you’re hungry… try www.partiesthatcook.com

They can come on-site, or do the event in a private home or rented kitchen… or pretty much anything if you ask them nicely. They’ve been doing this for about 15 years and have relationships with private kitchens all over those three metropolitan areas. 


They customize the event and menu to fit your needs at whatever level you want to take it (from BBQ to Gourmet, not to say that those are mutually exclusive). Let’s just say they know what they are doing and you don’t have to worry about anything. They can also connect you with Corporate Gifts people (cooking related stuff with logos) to complement your meal. And they know wine too. J Call them, you’ll like it.

That’s it for today, but MAKE SURE you visit allthingsmeetings.com to check out our library of team building ideas from around the world, plus lots of other interesting (and fascinating) stuff you can use.

If you have any ideas of your own, please share them with us so we can share them with everyone.

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