More Free Online Tools To Find Hotels and Venues

I have this great idea… wouldn’t it be great if there was one web site you could go to and it would have every hotel’s special offers… you know the hot dates/hot rates thing… holes to fill… all of that jazz.

A planner could go to this site, type in their preferred destination and voila… every hotel with a hole to fill, regardless of their affiliation, would be listed and you could just click on it, see the details, and then send an e-mail directly to the hotel contact. The site would be free, no sign-ups, no middle-men getting a commission, just… a cool on-line resource.

Funny thing is, I tried to do that once. It was the original idea for, and it (sob) failed. I wanted to charge hotels $25 a week to list their special offers (kind of like a Craig’s List for special offers but with much better graphics), they could post, update and change their offers directly, and just pay by credit card. Hotels would never even have to talk to me (or anyone). All automatic. I would market the site like crazy.

Why did it fail? They didn’t do it. So… that version of the site went away and has morphed into… a site where I share cool stuff I know about and other people share cool stuff with me, I check those recommendations out, and then I share it with you. I still haven’t figured out how I can make a living doing it, but at least it’s fun and I sort of feel like I’m working (and my wife thinks I’m working).

Anyway… you would think that all of the major chains or affiliations would at least have such a page on their own web sites. Amazingly enough, only some do. I have been searching and asking around, contacting the hotel corporate offices (doing my job), and have come up with some that should make your job as meeting planner just a bit easier.

Each of these has its own way of doing it, and unfortunately some are a lot better and easier than others, but at least it’s another list of cool online resources for you to have. And of course, I will update the list on a continual basis and all of this gets put on the web site under cool online resources (which makes sense).

So here goes. Not in any particular order… bookmark my site…and keep checking back because I will keep adding them as I find them (and if you know of any good ones, let me know and I will share it)…

Preferred Hotels:

Marriott Hotels:

Hyatt Hotels:

Four Seasons Hotels

Accor Hotels:

Kimpton Hotels:

Destination Hotels:

Vail Resorts:


And for something completely different… last blog I talked about finding private dining venues in San Francisco. Here’s something cool for New York City – and as you know – if you are a meeting planner it is just a matter of time before you have to plan an event there.

Introducing Private Dining Concierge…

Private dining concierge

The PDC folks vet their restaurant members for quality in food and service (doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your home work by getting independent reviews). You can then search by neighborhood, cuisine, size, and features. To make the process more efficient (I like efficient because I am lazy, I mean… busy), users can send one Request for Proposal to multiple private dining managers at the same time. Restaurants respond directly to the request via email.

Private Dining Concierge is a free service to planners (free is good) and you can also ask their staff for advice. Visit Private Dining Concierge, to learn more.  Link:

OK kids… that’s it for today. But remember… we keep adding stuff to our blogs and web site… stuff you can (hopefully) use again and again. So… keep reading our blogs, checking the web site, sharing with your friends and colleagues, like it, or whatever else you would need to do to help me go viral so I can just sit in a café and drink lattes while occasionally typing in my laptop and in general appear to be working. It will make my wife happy too.

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