Peerspace Update: Online Venue Marketplace - It's Still A Cool Idea

Full Disclosure: Peerspace will be a sponsor of the All Things Meetings 16th Annual Silicon Valley Reception & Trade Show on July 26, 2017 at Forager, the new downtown venue in San Jose. I am VERY big on keeping the editorial part of my blogs and newsletter separate from any conflicts of interest. Can I still write about them?

Yes. (Because) I had written about Peerspace in one of my first blogs, long before the sponsorship thing. And why had I written about them? Because it’s a cool idea. Why am I writing an update? Two reasons… 1. it’s still a cool idea and 2. I would not have found Forager, a very cool, new venue, if it wasn’t for their listing on Peerspace. I went to the site, looked around, said hey, I never heard of that, looks good, and booked it without a problem. Since they “did good” once again, now’s a good time for an update. So… here’s the story…

Peerspace is an online marketplace to find and book meeting, event and production space, often private venues you could not find anywhere else. They currently support bookings in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and Chicago, with additional metros coming soon. In addition, they have support staff that can help you identify what venue might work best for you, and then connect you with preferred vendors from catering to A/V to entertainment. And they are really nice.

Note… they charge a reasonable fee for their services. My first reaction to that is… they do? But when you think about it, factoring in the “I never would have found this place on my own and it was so easy to set it up” thing,, it’s worth it.

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