Team Building Clue – Talking and Laughing While Eating is Fun

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Talking and Laughing While Eating is Fun

Every so often I come across a good team building idea and feel compelled to write about it. Here’s one called Avital Tours…

Take your “team” (minimum of 8, maximum of 100+) on a guided four-course progressive meal exploring an iconic San Francisco or Los Angeles neighborhood. Their “energetic” guides (their word) will not only fill your group in on the area’s culinary history, but will facilitate your employees to engage socially, to increase interaction, and build communication and relationships… and so in theory will increase creativity, collaboration and productivity when back in the office.

But… forget about the “why you are doing it” during the team building… it’s fun, great food and alcohol pairing, sparkling conversation, laughter, breaking down walls and all of that jazz. And besides, you have to eat anyway.

Each course is served at a different restaurant, so your team members sit next to many different colleagues throughout the tour (and depending upon the size of your group, walk or ride to the next course with a different group). Avital Tours takes care of all of the logistics, so you don't have to worry about restaurant reservations, ordering from menus, waiting for food to arrive or dietary restrictions (they figure all of that out ahead of time).

Lunchtime, afternoon, and/or dinner times are available; engage during work hours or after hours. And… although at the moment it’s San Francisco and LA… that will eventually grow.

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And while I am writing… I have written before about the Escape Room phenomena as team building (as I am sure you remember, it was my October 12, 2016 blog. For those of you who can’t make it to one of their venues or have a group too large for pre-existing venues here’s a quick idea from TeamBonding… and it really helps if your group is staying in a hotel…

Enter Worst Case Scenario. This mobile escape game offers something none of the others do: an authentic escape room experience that is infinitely replicable. The secret? Identical hotel rooms. Each team of up to 8 players is "locked" in a hotel room that has been carefully transformed into a custom escape room. Since each room is the same, teams must race each other as well as the clock to be the first to solve the complex series of puzzles and solve the game. The team to complete the game in the shortest amount of time wins!

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