Team Building Thoughts October 2015

The idea behind the idea-sharing is to give you ideas. Here are a few more that may spark some inspiration for your own team. Or you can connect with these guys…

How about team-building on a cruise ship? Hey wait a second… how about having your incentive and/or meeting at sea? (Note… they do stop at land too)… so here are some ideas (but in my words) shared by Shari Wallack, President of Buy-The-Sea … and for those of you who don’t know Shari, she DEFINITELY knows what she is talking about…


Yes, you’ve got the normal ship-wide scavenger hunts, trivia contests, karaoke sing-offs and competitive sporting events using the basketball court, rock climbing wall, ping-pong tables and yes, the iconic shuffle board courts.  Shuffle-Board? Sounds…great. But these things have evolved way past your grandma’s team building fun…

Shari recommends Oceania cooking studios found onboard the ship’s Marina and Riviera.  This interactive event includes “adventure” shopping in the local markets at ports of call to collect the ingredients (“excuse me… is your iguana fresh?”) and then returning to the, hands-on, fully-stocked, professionally-staffed, on-board cooking school (maximum 24 guests at a time). The chef-guided process is completely collaborative and of course ends with a (hopefully) gourmet meal and champagne all around.

For more info… click here

At the other end of the spectrum, how about Israel’s Eshet Incentives suggestion… Surviving School. Personally, I barely survived school, but I think they really mean Survival School (which I would maybe, just maybe, survive). Ready for this?


Weapons training, Shooting courses, Krav Maga techniques, Tactical paintball and other special extreme activities are based on Israel’s leading Counter-Terror and Security Academy training courses. Team-building activities can last from just two to four hours up to an extreme 10 days (seriously, 10 days). I wanted to ask about airfare refunds on the return flight for those that did not make it through the ten days training, but it’s a detail that can wait.

After (if) you survive your training, you can travel down to the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) and soak in thermo-mineral springs, cover yourself in the mineral-rich mud and then float in the extra-salty Sea Water while sipping refreshing cocktails. It relaxes the body and does the skin and the joints a world of good. And if the waiter is a little slow with that cocktail, you can do some of that Krav Maga stuff on them. Unless they took the course too.

For more info… click here. 

That’s it for the moment. We’re going to keep adding other ideas to our Resource Library. Let me know if you have any cool ideas to share.