Meeting and Events Beverage Manager - Bethseda, MD

IMI Agency

Job Description and Requirements: M+E Beverage Manager Position

IMI Agency’s Mission:
IMI Agency specializes in Building Better Beverage Business™ for our Hospitality Clients through cutting edge marketing programs and promotions, interactive food & beverage merchandising and operations tools, staff training and recognition/reward programs for all channels in the Hospitality industry. IMI programs create brand value and opportunities with consumers while driving food and beverage sales and profits for our Hospitality Operator clients.

Key responsibilities for this position are as follows: 

• Combines great technical and aesthetic design capabilities to create compelling guest experiences 
• Supports the research, development, and launch of new products and services for the event discipline  
• Partners with the Graphics Design Team to write deliverables at varying levels: from capturing a concept’s value proposition to creating final documentation for implementation of products and services 
• Partners with the respective disciplines on the development of training and technical skills training programs to support brand and discipline program initiatives and roll-outs 

The position will provide support in the following areas:  

M+E Experience Design, Development and Implementation
• Brings together a tangible idea bank of turnkey beverage activations which applies to all segments, globally
• Supports design of brand or multi-brand beverage programs/products specific to the event discipline 
• Actively engages industry and internal resources to support the development of leading concepts and programs to deliver sustainable competitive advantage across all brands 
• Aids in activating BARSTUDIO while using this innovation space as a test environment to bring beverage ideas to life
• Tracks progress of work and provides updates to stakeholders on progress of design and development activities 
• Partners with other to conduct research and analysis pertinent to the development of the project(s) assigned 
• Assists in identifying industry trends, and competitive situations and opportunities that are relevant to the meetings and events business
• Identifies new product and equipment (OS&E/FFE) which elevates the experience and revenue to offer to hotels
• Identifies specific case studies to measure effectiveness and scalability 
• Develops professional relationships in Industry Organizations and with suppliers to help achieve business strategies 

Beverage Promotions
• Aids in the development, planning and implementation of beverage promotions and programs
• Manages and assists with promotion success metrics and tracks progress on multiple projects, when applicable

Beverage Program/Product Launch
• Aids in the development, preparation and deployment of program or product launch materials
• Works closely with the Senior Director and Global Continental Leadership Teams to enhance the seamless deployment and activation of concepts and brand defining programs 
• Assists in the development, preparation and deployment of global beverage programming and training programs  
• Participate and assist in training module development, presentations, and demonstrations as it relates to global beverage programs 
• Support the Senior Director with the development, documentation, deployment and assessment of Brand specific promotions  

Program/Product Sustainment
• Assists with event related beverage program and product sustainment activities
• Identify opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of business processes 
• Works with Brands and Brand liaisons to understand market feedback and make needed changes to MGS (Marriott Global Source) 
• Maintains and regularly updates MGS with new programs SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), launch materials and other information continents would need to properly execute event beverage programs 
• Balances innovation and creativity with business goals to help achieve financial, guest satisfaction and associate engagement metrics 
• Manages and assists with meetings and events success metrics and tracks progress on multiple projects

Core Competencies
• Associated certifications preferred (i.e. Somm, certified specialist of wine, cicerone, certified specialist of spirits, WSET) 
• Expertise in variety of beverages (i.e. beer, wines, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages) 
• Experience implementing bar related projects  
• Solid understanding of event beverage operations, products and techniques 
• Experience running promotions at property level 
• Collaborative with peers and partners to grow business relationships 
• Excellent project/work management skills  
• Ability to work on numerous projects simultaneously  
• Highly adaptable with the ability to effectively adjust to changes in business priorities  
• Excellent verbal, computer and written communication skills 
Discipline / Brand / Continent Leadership and Collaboration 
• Demonstrates leadership, maturity and efficiency when managing projects across multiple stakeholders in high pressure environments 
• Provides regular updates and communicates project or initiative progress clearly and effectively to keep leaders aware and aligned relative to project progress  
• Effectively manages multiple, complex projects which may originate from Discipline, Brand and Continent, balancing focus, capacity and resourcing to deliver against expectations 
• Works effectively with multiple stakeholders across Discipline / Brand / Continent to build productive relationships and maximize successful outcomes 
• Understands industry trends underway and their implications for the M+E discipline and brands 
• Applies innovation principles and practices around collaboration, co-creation and creativity to deliver expansive ideas and operational solutions 
• Demonstrates confidence and leadership in bringing new, provocative ideas forward which expand thinking and lead to more innovative outcomes which drive relevance and returns 
• Demonstrates creativity in problem-solving, content development, program branding and communication to ensure relevant, emotionally engaging M+E programs 
• Leads and learns constantly through collaborating with team members within and beyond the team, and within and beyond the hospitality segment 
• Unafraid to try new approaches and ideas, leveraging innovation processes and design thinking to drive experimentation, fast failure and constant learning

Job Location: Bethseda, MD

How To Apply: Send your resume to

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Company Info: 
Incentive Marketing Inc. dba IMI Agency
1198 Buckhead Crossing 
Woodstock, GA, 30189


Donna Cohen

I have decades of experience creating and producing online marketing. I left the corporate world to work independently with people who need help establishing and maintaining their online presence. Not everyone knows how, has the aptitude, or time to learn how to use online marketing tools, and nor should they have to try. Those people who need help and/or don't want an in-house marketing team work with me. Each client has different needs, goals and expectations. I do custom work for each of my clients. I get to know each person and know their voice, their style, rhythm and budget. 

I have a large skill set that covers the range of tasks for online marketing. It is both easy and cost efficient to work directly with me. I can get the whole job done. 

Website Design, Build and Optimization, SEO, Keywords, Hashtags, PhotoShop, Email Marketing and Newsletters - Mailchimp, Google Forms (Registration & Surveys), Survey Monkey, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Square, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Word, ePub, Excel, Audience Development, and more.

Book Production; Print and eBook, Design, coding, Marketing and building Audiences.