All-Inclusive 44-Room Resort Occupies 52 Acres On Prince Of Wales Island, Alaska

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Waterfall Resort

First thing I have to say about Alaska… if you have not been there… it is amazing. You have to go. That’s all there is to it. Second thing I have to say… it’s a long way, but worth it. Third… whether you like fishing or not… it’s amazing. Oh, I already said that.

The all-inclusive 44-room Waterfall Resort occupies 52 acres on Prince of Wales Island near Alaska’s Inside Passage. Accessible only by air and sea, the resort is a century-old salmon cannery turned into a “legendary” (their word) sport-fishing resort. They are just a short seaplane flight away from Ketchikan in Southeast Alaska, or 90 minutes from Seattle, Washington. At Waterfall Resort, guests can fly in in the morning and be on the water, fishing for about 20 different species of fish, in the afternoon. And when it comes to groups, regardless of the level of fishing expertise, they know what they are doing. (