This California Retreat Is On 2000+ Acres: 1.5 Miles Of Coastline, 20+ Miles Of Trails

newport ranch mendocino - special retreat

Here’s the low-down… it’s just north of Ft. Bragg (so about 3.5 hours from San Francisco which means you have to want to be there), but once you are there… it has a combination of rooms, suites and houses that, as a buyout could accommodate up to 18 couples… so great for small retreats. True, there are a lot of places like that all over California… but this one is on 2000+ acres that include 1.5 miles of coastline, 20+ miles of trails, horseback riding, ATV touring, spa services and private dining (and all of the other stuff that apparently the Mendocino VB does not want you to know about).

When it comes to incredible views, whatever I write will not do it justice, so go to

Like I said, you have to want to be there because it’s not around the corner. But if you want to take your team “away”, think about it.