Private Luxury Retreat Situated On Portobelo Bay - Panama

El Otro Lado

Where to begin…, UNESCO named the port and the Portobelo fortifications a World Heritage site (so you have the historical/cultural thing covered too)…

Portobelo National Park is made up of 86,000 acres, protecting both coral reef communities and coastal forest. This coastline includes important stretches of coral reefs, mangrove swamps, coastal lagoons and beautiful beaches, where every year four species of marine turtle, including the threatened hawksbill, come to nest.

El Otro Lado is a private luxury retreat situated on Portobelo Bay, just over an hour from Panama City, The retreat is made of just 5 houses (with a total of eight guest rooms), so your group can do a buy-out. It’s a luxury kind of place.

The definition of the indigenous name “Panamá” is “abundance of fish”. I guess that kind of sums it up. Tuna, snapper and grouper, are all commonly found in the nearby sea, or, if you prefer, you may relax and cast your rod in search of sea bass, snapper and other species in the fresh-water rivers that feed into the estuary and bay. Their fishing guides are all born and raised in Portobelo and know every corner of the Bay (and are on a first-name basis with most of the local fish).

OK… it’s a small place… but if you have senior executive fishing types who want to really get away… it’s private. (