Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond resort-hotel was named #3 Golf Resort - Kohler, WI

Let’s not even call it The American Club. Let’s call it Destination Kohler.

The American Club, a Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond resort-hotel was named #3 Golf Resort in North America, by Golf Digest Magazine. It’s just one hour north of Milwaukee and is one of the “classic” resorts that every major company in the universe has been to at least once. If you have to do something in the mid-west, do it here.

But forget golf for a moment (if you can). Let’s talk guns… they wanted me to be very specific. They are not, and do not have, a Gun Club. But they definitely have guns for recreational use (and for group stuff). And now it gets even better because they feature…

River Wildlife, a 500-acre wilderness preserve, is maintained in a natural state for the preservation of native vegetation. It has members… and Resort guests can have access for a fee. Among the many other things you can find there, your group can arrange…

Trapshooting : On-your-command targets hurtle away at 45-degree angles and varying heights, offering valuable warm–up before a pheasant hunt or providing novice/beginners with a great opportunity to learn basic shooting skills. Trapshooting can also be a fun, competitive activity for larger groups.

5-Stand Shooting: A compact 5-stand course provides an invigorating workout for the experienced shooter. Each station simulates different wild game as it’s being flushed: “running rabbit,” “springing teal,” etc.

Air Rifles: Shooting fun for any age (for some reason this sounds funny to me). An air rifle, targets and ammunition are provided.

Pheasant Hunting (Mid-September–Early Spring) One of the Midwest’s premier shooting clubs offers upland bird hunting in a variety of terrains. Their three hunt fields are planted with native prairie grasses and annual cover crops. Since they are situated along the river and woods, they provide a challenging workout for both hunters and their dogs. Expert guides, dogs and equipment are available. If you had listened to my advice and taken that hunting dog course at Gleneagles, you would know how to handle your dog in Wisconsin. (