Hold A Private Event In Their Premier Exhibition Space And Have The Sommelier Partner With Their Gallery Director To Pair Wine With Current Exhibition - Las Vegas, NV


We’ve all been at wine tastings, at food & wine pairings, at chocolate and wine receptions… and just about every other combination of wine and something. Now it’s time for an Art & Wine Pairing. True.

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is a real gallery with real stuff and routinely organizes exhibitions in partnership with the world’s top museums and foundations. Your group can hold a private event in their premier exhibition space AND have Bellagio’s sommelier partner with their Art Gallery director to pair wine with the galleries current exhibition. It’s important to have the right demographic for your group, but if you do, they will be treated to an elegant wine tasting while receiving a private and expertly guided tour.

As an example… “Picasso: Creatures & Creativity” focused on Picasso’s favorite theme, the human figure. The exhibition took guests on a step-by-step journey through the famed artist’s thought progression and creative process behind his painting and printmaking…. While drinking. J

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