A Special Treat For That Small High-End Retreat - New Mexico


Vermejo Park Ranch

This is a special treat for that small high-end retreat… you get Horses, Fish and Guns all at the same time.

I am not making this up… Vermejo Park Ranch is a 585,000 acre private reserve owned by Ted Turner (yes, that Ted Turner). Besides the seven-bedroom Casa Grande Lodge (originally built in 1909 but now… really cool), there is the 12-bedroom Casa Minor, plus five guest houses totaling another 29 rooms (I think that makes 48 total. For those who really want to get away… the eight-bedroom Costilla Lodge up in the mountains (it’s 25 miles from Casa Grande but still on-property) .

They have 16 lakes, 30 miles of fishing streams, and lots of guns. Whichever outdoor adventure you seek, from hiking rugged mountain terrain to a horse ranch vacation their professional guides can create an ideal itinerary tailored to your group’s skill level, ability and desires.

I really, really want to stay here. http://vermejoparkranch.com/