31 Incredible, Small Resorts Around the World - Aman Hotels & Resorts

Aman Hotels & Resorts has 31 incredible, small resorts around the world – 21 in Asia, 6 in Europe and 4 in the Americas. We are talking… really nice. Perfect for high-end meetings or small incentives. I mean… really nice. Their newest announcement is Aman New York opening in 2020 on 57th Street & Fifth Avenue.  In the meantime and for all of their other properties, try Jane Galosic at jgalosic@amanresorts.com and/or visit www.aman.com

Some of the World's Best 375 Luxury Hotels in 75 Countries

Leading Hotels of the World was established way back in 1928 with 38 independent luxury properties. Now… 375 luxury hotels in 75 countries. And a hotel can’t just join. It has to be one of the world’s best and has to be approved by their Executive Committee whose members only want to be associated with the best of the best. You get the idea. For help finding the best place for your high-end Board Meeting or incentive, contact Lori Harrison at lori.harrison@lhw-offices.com and/or visit www.lhw.com 

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