The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix, Re-Born 277 Guest Rooms, 20,000 Square Feet Of Techno-Smart Meeting Space, A Roof-Top Pool “Experience” - Phoenix, AZ

The Camby

Some of you may have known the Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix. That’s the Camby, re-born. It’s now part of the Autograph Collection, which is Marriott, which is pretty much everything. But, they are good at the branding thing, so this will be one of the “whatever they say the Autograph Collection is” hotels. We can call it luxury because… why not. 

The Camby now offers 277 guest rooms, 20,000 square feet of techno-smart meeting space, a roof-top pool “experience” and a “boutique” (probably means small) spa. And since I cannot resist de-constructing press releases, what is the difference between having a roof-top pool and a “roof-top pool experience”? Just asking).

The press release also states that the hotel design was based on Arizona’s Five C’s; cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper. I am sure it’s nice, and I would very much like to stay there, and I am sure they will do a fantastic job servicing groups for meetings. I have just one question and one statement. The question… who came up with the idea that Arizona has five C’s and the ones they picked are officially C’s? I mean… ok, never mind.