2 miles from The Orvis School (great for team building), Manchester, VT


OK, breaking my own rule again (I have a custom-made T-shirt that says “All Rules Are Made-Up”) in that the shooting range at the Equinox is actually two miles from the property at the Orvis School (has fish too). Since it’s my blog and the Equinox is a cool place, I can do whatever I want (freedom being just another word for nothing left to lose).

One of the reasons I like the Equinox is that their concierge, Richard Hom, not only sent me info on the Clay Shooting opportunities at the school (and yes, your group can do their thing there), but he also sent me this note…

“Personal Story:  My favorite Summer Activity – Sporting Clays Shooting with Orvis endorsed guide, Peter Kutzer.  Standing 6’8”, Pete is a pretty imposing figure, a cross between Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett.  Peter and staff are experts in teaching the finer points of shotgun shooting.  They refer to the English Churchill method, an instinctive approach on how to stand, how to hold your gun, how to pick up the sporting clay and how to deftly shoot the target.  Orvis and the Equinox share history as far back as the 1840’s when Franklin Orvis was the general Manager of the hotel.  Through his guidance the resort grew and added the Equinox Pond, Orvis Inn and countless other guest amenities.  Franklin’s brother, Charles F. Orvis opened a tackle shop in 1856 and the story of fly fishing in the Northeast.  They are now one of the premier fine country outfitters in the world, specializing in fly fishing, hunting and sporting goods.  Their shooting grounds in Vermont are a few miles from the hotel nestled deep into the woods of Manchester, Vermont. In the summer, these Green Mountains are colored with leaves that have filled in nicely on a mixture of elms, birch, oak and maple trees and silhouette the orange clays as they fly through the air.  While shooting can be quite exhilarating, it can also be a Zen-like experience while you’re there; peaceful surrounding, focused breathing, following the clay and gently squeezing the trigger.  I’ve shot occasionally for about 10 years and still get a thrill each time I’m out.”

Now this is WAY more than I asked for, but that is why Richard is a member of Le Clefs d’Or USA. If you need other reasons to like the Equinox…

It’s open year-round, is a member of the Starwood Luxury Collection, has 195 rooms, championship golf, a great Spa, an off-road driving school, a fly-fishing school (and is only a ten-minute walk from the American Museum of Fly-Fishing!), lots of pools, near to skiing and a zillion winter sports, four restaurants, and 18,500 sq. ft. of meeting space.  (The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa)