Iconic Grand Hotel Is An 850-acre Estate, Michelin Starred Restaurant, And So Much More - Scotland

Gleneagles Hotel

I can dream, can’t I? Just one hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh, The Gleneagles Hotel is one of those iconic grand hotels that set the standard for everyone else. The property is an 850-acre estate with its own railway station, 232 luxury bedrooms and suites, destination Spa, Scotland’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant, three championship golf courses, an Equestrian school (they mean horses)… you get the idea.

But for our purposes today… for groups they recommend… and I am not making this up… a Shooting Break. Would you like a shotgun with your coffee and Danish this morning?

For groups - They are more than happy to arrange a morning's lessons and an afternoon competition. You can shoot at targets, clay pigeons, your boss (Important note – if you work for the Post Office, I am just kidding about the boss thing). The hotel kindly provided me with a list of Clay Shooting Targets. As an example, here are the first three…

  1. The Haggis - A well-known Scottish delicacy, this stand provides a very realistic jumping target that propels itself away from the shooter.

  2. The Bolting Rabbit - Many shooters nemesis, a running 'ground' target from left to right that explores the practicalities of shooting where its' going and not where it's been!

  3. The Snipe - A fast and variable target that teaches the shooter to mount quickly and acquire this tricky 'bird'.