If You Really Want To Impress Someone, And Budget Is Not As Important As.... - Pebble Beach, CA

How can I even begin to write about the whole Pebble Beach “thing”. I will try (and fail) in summarizing when I say… if you really want to impress someone, and budget is not as important as whatever ROI you expect from entertaining them, take them to Pebble Beach. Everything about the place is superlative… the location, the service, the prices… and of course, the Golf. Your group can stay in the original 161-room Lodge, the 269-room Inn at Spanish Bay or the Spa-connected 24-room Casa Palmero… it’s all a wow. The thing to remember… the famous line about buying a yacht… if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it… just saying. www.pebblebeach.com