31 Incredible, Small Resorts Around the World - Aman Hotels & Resorts

Aman Hotels & Resorts has 31 incredible, small resorts around the world – 21 in Asia, 6 in Europe and 4 in the Americas. We are talking… really nice. Perfect for high-end meetings or small incentives. I mean… really nice. Their newest announcement is Aman New York opening in 2020 on 57th Street & Fifth Avenue.  In the meantime and for all of their other properties, try Jane Galosic at jgalosic@amanresorts.com and/or visit www.aman.com

If You Want to Place a Board Meeting, or Want to Impress

Montage Hotels & Resorts targets “affluent travelers”. They deliver the high-end service demanded by their target market. With that in mind, if you want to place a Board Meeting, want to impress your customers, or are planning a small incentive (and you never experience “sticker shock”), check out one (or all) of their five properties in the USA and/or their one in Mexico by contacting Bud Campbell at bcampbell@montagehotels.com and/or visit www.montagehotels.com.

Donna Cohen

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Arguably the Best of the Best Reps

International Group Sales (IGS)… I have worked with them for years and they are arguably the best of the best reps with whom I have ever worked. They are experts (and I mean experts) in Mexico (24 properties), the Caribbean (13 properties) and Central America (3 properties), and now even have two properties in Alaska and one in Montana. If any of those destinations are under consideration, contact Norma Alberico at norma@igsales.net and/or visit www.internationalgroupsales.com

Private Luxury Retreat Situated On Portobelo Bay - Panama

El Otro Lado

Where to begin…, UNESCO named the port and the Portobelo fortifications a World Heritage site (so you have the historical/cultural thing covered too)…

Portobelo National Park is made up of 86,000 acres, protecting both coral reef communities and coastal forest. This coastline includes important stretches of coral reefs, mangrove swamps, coastal lagoons and beautiful beaches, where every year four species of marine turtle, including the threatened hawksbill, come to nest.

El Otro Lado is a private luxury retreat situated on Portobelo Bay, just over an hour from Panama City, The retreat is made of just 5 houses (with a total of eight guest rooms), so your group can do a buy-out. It’s a luxury kind of place.

The definition of the indigenous name “Panamá” is “abundance of fish”. I guess that kind of sums it up. Tuna, snapper and grouper, are all commonly found in the nearby sea, or, if you prefer, you may relax and cast your rod in search of sea bass, snapper and other species in the fresh-water rivers that feed into the estuary and bay. Their fishing guides are all born and raised in Portobelo and know every corner of the Bay (and are on a first-name basis with most of the local fish).

OK… it’s a small place… but if you have senior executive fishing types who want to really get away… it’s private. (www.elotrolado.com.pa)

Located In The Mountains Of Southern Costa Rica, This 50 Hacienda-Style Casita Resort Is One Of Central America’s Finest Spas - Costa Rica

Hacienda AltaGracia, “a luxury resort teeming with life-altering experiences”.  OK… let the de-construction begin… ah, never mind… too easy… we continue…

Located in the mountains of southern Costa Rica, this 50 hacienda-style casita resort was originally a family retreat and coffee farm but now boasts one of Central America’s finest spas (the press release actually calls it a “wellness haven :), gourmet fusion cuisine, a world-class equestrian program, all sorts of Costa Rica-style “critters” (my word) and Auberge-Resort level service.
One thing about it… you have to want to be there. It’s a three-hour drive from San Jose Intl airport (their San Jose, not ours), or a very short flight on one of the resort’s private planes (that’s extra). Seems like an incredible destination for a top-tier incentive or a high-end Board retreat. Combine all that with nature stuff, waterfalls and horses (I like horses)… I am now officially biased.

Luxury Adults-Only All-Inclusive 310-Room Resort Includes Over 20,000 Sq Ft Of Meeting Space - Panama

OK… let’s all head back to Costa Rica and turn right. Opening December 2015 – Secrets Playa Bonita Panama Resort & Spa

This adults-only all-inclusive 310-room resort has what every luxury resort in Panama should have…golden sand beaches, jungle walkways, a freshwater infinity pool and a Spa. The resort has over 20,000 square feet of meeting space (the ballroom can accommodate banquets for up to 800) and if you really want to, you can swim in two oceans in the same day.
Assuming you know the geography of Panama… the resort is minutes away from the colonial and shopping districts of Panama City, the Panama Canal, and the Punta Bruja Nature Reserve. Great opportunities for eco-stuff. Fun Fact… The average daily temperature in Panama is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Ah, you say… that’s the average. True… averages can be deceptive…except in Panama. Seriously, year-round…it’s 82 degrees. I mean it might get up to 87 during the day and 77 at night… but really… it’s 82 degrees.

Positioned On A Secluded Beach Only Three Miles From Downtown Cabo, 2,000 Sq Ft Of Meeting Space, And A Very, Very Cool Rooftop Venue For Special Events - Cabo

And while we are in Cabo… The recently opened 161-room The Cape (a Thompson Hotel) has been getting rave reviews. Positioned on a secluded (define secluded in Cabo) beach only three miles from downtown Cabo, the resort features unobstructed views of El Arco (presumably a good thing).  The hotel p.r. people want you to know the “beach boasts a left-breaking wave” (presumably also a good thing). The hotel has 2,000 square feet of meeting space, which does not include a very, very cool rooftop venue for special events.
They describe the hotel as a “1960's Baja-meets-SoCalsurfer style environment that reflects the Thompson brand's urban roots yet honors the resort's Baja setting.” I have no idea what that means. Can I still order guacamole’? If not, no worries, because their restaurant’s chef, world renowned Chef Enrique Olvera’s other restaurant, Pujol in Mexico City, is ranked #17 of the top restaurants in the world. I bet it’s good.

Over 38,000 Sq Ft (A Lot) Of Meeting Space, Located Within The Exclusive (As In Gated) 2000-Acre Residential Development Of Puerto Los Cabos

A little closer to home (assuming you do not live south of Costa Rica) the 299-room JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa, offering over 38,000 square feet (a lot) of meeting space, is located within the exclusive (as in gated) 2000-acre residential development of Puerto Los Cabos. Just 20 minutes from the airport, the resort overlooks a “pristine” beach (de-construction question – can you combine the words development and pristine in one paragraph?) with “breath-taking” (their word) views of the Sea of Cortez. The pristine development also has golf. And just to make it even more interesting, the resort includes The Griffin Club, a 45-room luxury hotel within the luxury hotel. Yes, it also has a spa, several restaurants and bars and pools and lots of things to do. My experience with JW is that they are good.