"Team building" means something different to everyone.  It's an ongoing process that helps a work group learn to trust and support one another and respect one another's individual differences while evolving into a cohesive unit. If done right it can help individuals release their creativity and see their role in a new way while having fun (which helps them remember what they learned). What is critical to the success of any team building exercise, or a company outing for that matter, is the follow-up. How do you translate the positive experience into something that can be used to increase harmony and productivity? Otherwise, it's just an expensive memory. This Library of Ideas will continue to grow over time as we discover new possibilities. 



There are a seemingly infinite number of great hotels in the world and it is impossible for any one person to know about all of them, or even most of them, let alone personally experience any significant number. In my blogs I try to give planners as many tools as I can to sift through the multitude and at least find some of the best of the best. This library contains a summary of those tips… and we’ll keep adding as we go. Hope it helps.



Every group is different. Every Event is different. What is your group’s demographic? What are you trying to accomplish?  Your budget? Where, When, What? (Add the zillion other factors here).

Our purpose here? To give you an easily accessible Library of cool venues of all types (eventually everywhere). Search… find something of interest… connect. Need some direction… ask us. Otherwise… go for it.



There is now so much information out there, it is almost impossible to tell who is good and who is not. Travel Advisor and Yelp may be good for individual experiences, but a) groups are different and b) I don’t know anyone who actually writes those reviews anyway. Why should I trust the crowd if I don’t even like the crowd?
So these “Cool OnLine Resources” are no secret unless you did not know about them already. Check them out (since they are cool).  We’ll keep adding as we go so that we, too, will remain a very “cool on-line resource” for All Things Meetings. And I am not anonymous. You can actually talk to me.



Sometimes you can do it all yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Planning a large, complex, high-image or high-security event, especially in an unfamiliar city, can get… and I am speaking from decades of experience… ridiculous. The good news… there are a lot of really good professionals out there that can help. The bad news… their services and expertise cost money. More bad news… not all of them are that great and some overcharge. The good news… there are people who have used them and know the difference.

In this library I try to give you some hints about how to find the good ones… and the library will grow over time. If you can’t find the particular type of third-party you need in the destination you need, contact me and I will reach out to all of my colleagues and point you in the right direction.