Hotels With Art.

Not that I have any, but I thought it might be time to add a little “class and refinement” to my series of blogs, Luxury Hotels with Horses, Fish and Guns. So… check these out… 

This will make me sound way cooler than I am, but when I was in Bariloche, Argentina (you know, up in the Lake District on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi), I stayed in this 31-room luxury boutique hotel owned by a successful gallery owner from Buenos Aires., Each room features original works by 31 artists so guests can enjoy their own mini-gallery with an incredible lake view. 

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More Horses, Fish and Guns

I am sure you read my original postings highlighting luxury properties that offer group programs for equestrian lovers, avid fisherman and gun enthusiasts. There’s always room for more in our ever-expanding Meeting Planner Resource Library, so… here are some more. If you, dear reader, have some others to recommend… please share with me, I’ll research, and share with everyone else in this “let’s all share our favorite things” kind of thing.

Here are a few more suggestions (for now)…

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More Secrets To Finding Stuff

You are tasked with finding a luxury hotel for an important meeting in a city you’ve never been. You know the big brands and can search for them by brand in each city… BUT… that leaves a lot of really cool choices off the table. When given a search by one of my “search clients”, I am able to find lots of great places they have never heard of because, having been in the biz for over 40 years (crazy), I have connections with Global Sales Offices for both the big guys and the little guys. If you don’t have sales reps for all the brands, then I suggest you take a look at the following, bookmark their web sites, and remember to check with them next time you have an event in one of the cities in their portfolio. These are not in any particular order of preference, so we will randomly start with…

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Luxury Hotels With Guns

This is not so much a confession as “more about me than you care to know”, but starting when I was about five years old, my father (who was, let’s admit it, kind of crazy), started taking me hunting. I began with small animals (there are a lot fewer chipmunks and squirrels in the Catskill Mountains than there would have been) and my very own .22, and over the years we worked our way up the food chain (and the calibre) to what would have eventually been Communists.

Yes, I said Communists. My father was convinced (we’re talking around 1960) that the Communists were going to take over and we were all going to have to… well, I never really know… go Underground? Luckily I figured out there was something seriously wrong with this plan before we got to Communists and I stopped the whole crazy trajectory when I was about twelve, but the legacy remained… shooting guns (at inanimate objects) is fun.

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Luxury Retreats With Fish

Last month I wrote a brilliant and potentially award-winning blog called “Luxury Retreats…With Horses”. It was so well received (thank you to my family for responding) that I thought it would be a great idea to expand on that theme. Hence… let’s talk about Luxury Retreats With Fish.

Personally, I am not a Prisoner of the Rod and Reel. I am more of a Slave to the Light (photography) kind of guy, but I have been fishing, like fishing, caught fish, and basically know nothing about it. So, I present the results of my research without prejudice neither for nor against any fishing genre; fresh or salt water, lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, species of fish, whatever. My job here is just to give you some ideas for the next time somebody says… “Hey, let’s have a retreat somewhere and since the company is paying and I get to choose where we go, let’s go fishing.”

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Luxury Retreats With Horses

I like Luxury. I like Horses.
Last month I mentioned the new Auberge-managed resort in the Costa Rican mountains that, among many other wonderful features, also has a world-class stable. I thought… I write about a lot of things that meeting and incentive planners can use, so here are some of my favorite North American luxury retreats… perfect for small meetings, retreats, incentives, team-building (and all of that jazz)… that have good horses. I want to go.
Whenever planners get together to talk shop, or for that matter, whenever anyone finds out the business I am in, the question invariably arises… what’s the best place you ever stayed?

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More New Luxury Hotels: The USA Edition

I am going to share a secret about myself. Although I have paid for a lot of interior decorations in my life, I never actually picked the stuff out. I was OK with whatever got delivered to my door. It was not until I divorced after 29 years and found myself in an apartment, with my desk and three la-z-boys, that I had to figure out what I liked.

After wandering through a bunch of second-hand furniture stores and browsing on Ebay, I discovered… I was an Art Deco guy. Who would-a-thought? Not that I don’t fully appreciate all sorts of design and fashion… I am an artist after all J , but given my druthers, that’s what I am drawn to. My apartment is now pretty cool. Or at least it was until I re-married and have a seven year old son. Now it’s sort of an art deco foundation covered with legos. But I’m OK with that too.

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The Tropical Edition: New Luxury Hotels

I am completely biased. “But Neil”, you say, “we trust you to give us an unbiased opinion on all of the really cool things out there for us meeting planners to use and share. How are you biased (say it ain’t so)?”  “OK”, I say…”I’ll tell you. I am biased in two big ways… 1) I really, really like high levels of service and 2) I like people I have known for a long time that have never steered me wrong (the trust thing).”

This month’s editorial?. I’m pretty sure I like them but, being new, I have never actually stayed at any of them. How can I recommend them? Two reasons… 1) Their brands have always provided me with a high level of service and 2) I trust the people who have told me about them.

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