Cool Online Resources Yes, that is its name, and for those of you snickering about it, MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events. At least that is what I think it stands for since everyone seems to have a different answer for the C and E… but close enough for jazz.

The site is positioned as a “Supplier Relationship Management” tool (SRM). Now when someone says SRM you can nod like you know what they are talking about in the same way I nod when someone says CRM and I have no idea what they are talking about. The good news is this is a tool to manage the supply base, except Micebook keeps the contact details up to date for everyone. And the site is FREE to Meeting Planners.




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Even More Cool Online Resources

I have this great idea… wouldn’t it be great if there was one web site you could go to and it would have every hotel’s special offers… you know the hot dates/hot rates thing… holes to fill… all of that jazz.

A planner could go to this site, type in their preferred destination and voila… every hotel with a hole to fill, regardless of their affiliation, would be listed and you could just click on it, see the details, and then send an e-mail directly to the hotel contact. The site would be free, no sign-ups, no middle-men getting a commission, just… a cool on-line resource.

Anyway… you would think that all of the major chains or affiliations would at least have such a page on their own web sites. Amazingly enough, only some do. I have been searching and asking around, contacting the hotel corporate offices (doing my job), and have come up with some that should make your job as meeting planner just a bit easier.


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For Finding Amazing Boutique Hotel

The “Sharing Saga” continues… My job is to share stuff with you, stuff you can use. Here are some more snapshots of online resources that might help in the meeting planning part of your job. I use them.

Note… we keep building this library of resource stuff and add new categories all the time. Check them out… have fun, laugh, dream, share… click on everything… contact me if you have cool stuff of your own to share… and so on.

Looking for some really amazing, high-end, small, luxury, boutique properties in some amazing locations around the world but don’t know where to start? Start with these sites with full, searchable lists of their remarkable properties. True, not everyone can handle big groups (whatever big means to you)… and every group’s needs are unique, but all of these look amazing. Let’s just say that if I were CEO of something, I would stay at every one of them. (Hey, wait a second… I am CEO and President of something! I guess I mean if I was a rich CEO or President of something).

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