Our purpose: To give Vendors the opportunity to use the ever-expanding services provided by All Things Meetings in accordance with our Mission Statement…
I will share cool stuff I find about people I trust with you, and then you can share cool stuff back, and then we'll keep it all on the web site in a kind of a search-able library thing so other people looking for cool ideas can find them… and maybe they will add some ideas of their own, maybe not… but at least they will know they can always find cool stuff they can trust when they need it… and if enough people share all that cool stuff, then everyone will be happy.

Introducing People Who Know What They Are Doing
The more you use us, the more you get. :)


I write a blog/newsletter that goes out to about 2500 meeting planners every two weeks, plus we market it heavily throughout the social media universe. We write about anything of interest to planners… destinations and hotels, cool on-line resources, team-building, and everything else we are in the mood to write about. To get a feel for what we do, go to the home page at www.allthingsmeetings.com        
If you have something you would like me to write about that is new, different, exciting, and all of that jazz… tell me. You can look at past blogs to see my style and past subjects, but I am open to anything as long as it is really cool and different. (renovations are not cool and different… a new chef is not cool and different… etc.). You can send me your idea or have your PR people put me on their distribution lists. I can’t guarantee when (or even if) I can get it in the blog, but I am open to everything. Hey, it’s free marketing.

The All Things Meetings Receptions and Trade Shows for Qualified Meeting Planners

Our three Bay Area events. 
April 8th - San Francisco at the Exploratorium
Summer 2019 - Silicon Valley, tbd
Fall 2019 - East Bay, tbd

We are currently accepting Exhibitor Registration for 2019 events.

Based on our history, we usually get about 350-400 RSVPs (with survey info) and have 225-275 actual qualified attendees. We always want more and will do our best to get more, but, for now we project those numbers. And when I say qualified… planners have to fill out a survey and we really do make sure they are “real”.
All exhibitors will receive weekly rsvp updates (with survey results) plus the actual attendee list. You will be listed on the exhibitor lists both on our invitations and on our web site. A good time will be had by all. And between you and me, just getting the rsvp and survey list plus the attendee list is worth the price of exhibiting. I mean… really. It is.
All you have to do now is say yes, you want to participate, what kind of table (and how many salespeople) whether you want to pay by check, credit card (there will be an additional credit card fee), or wire transfer (there will be an additional service fee).  I will send you the appropriate confirmation/invoice and you will be "set" for now. The invitations will go out in June and I will start sending you rsvp lists and show instructions at that time. Email me: Yes, I want to participate neil@allthingsmeetings.com

All Things Meetings Job Board


I am constantly being asked by people I know in the industry if I know of any job openings, or if I know anyone “good” that might be interested in an open position. I always say, if I hear of something I will let you know. Then, when I do hear of something I have to try and remember who asked me about what, and then look through old e-mails, and then try and introduce people… and… I don’t mind doing it, I just…. don’t really want to do it. So…  please share this with your HR/Recruiting people, recommend they “Link” with me, and tell all of the appropriate players that…
All Things Meetings has launched a new addition to our All Things Meetings Online Community. The Job Board. (It’s free) Job Board is a place where people can post and find employment opportunities specifically for Meeting, Event and Conference Planners or the people who work with them. This can be anyone on any side of the table… 
Buyers… includes any corporation, association or third-party that is looking for a qualified Planner (either full-time, part-time or contract) or… an executive assistant position where planning is part of the job.
Sellers… hotel sales and conference services, DMCs, event venues, essentially every service provider to the Meeting Industry. Whatever positions they need to fill that work with groups. We are providing this service free of charge. You get to define how and where you would like to receive applications and to be contacted by potential candidates. 

AND… we will promote the new JOB Board heavily via our blogs, newsletters and posts on social media. For free.

HOW TO POST A JOB Go directly to the submit job page. Fill out the required fields and submit. We’ll do a quick review and then post within 24 hours of submission, link to post.
SEEKING A NEW POSITION You can search anonymously and apply directly to any posted opportunity. Each employer will specify their preference on how to submit an application. Search the Job Board. 



During my long and illustrious (?) career, I have been on both sides of the Hosted Buyer Thing. I have planned many a “Familiarization” trip (we now call them Hosted Buyer opportunities) and I have had the good fortune to be hosted to some very cool places so I could educate myself and then pass that knowledge along to my clients.
So… since the mission of allthingsmeetings.com is to introduce everyone good to everyone else good, I thought it would be fun to create a free space where any Supplier (CVB, Hotel, DMC, Cruise Line, Industry Event Organizers etc.) can post their Opportunity for free… and any meeting planners can check whenever they want to see if a destination they are considering is presented.
If you are a CVB organizing your annual “thing”, or maybe you are an exhibitor at IMEX or IBTM and need to fill a hosted buyer quota… or a new or recently renovated hotel… or a whatever… this is both free and easy.
Important Note… By creating this Bulletin Board, I want to be clear that I have absolutely no authority in deciding who is qualified to attend. Each Opportunity lists their contact info and how to apply. Planners apply, Hosts qualify. I will have no idea who is applying to what, and who is accepted or rejected, any why. I’m just the guy who created the free space.
So… if you are a Supplier looking to expand your qualified buyer relationships, please post your event here (for free). Submit post page link AND… we will promote your opportunity heavily via our blogs, newsletters and posts on social media. For free.


advertising demo for suppliers

We have been working hard on making allthingsmeetings.com a “go-to” resource for meeting planners, providing them with the content they need when searching for ideas and destinations, encouraging them to contact suppliers directly, to bookmark our site, and to pass it along to their colleagues. The content database has grown exponentially, the long-term strategy is paying off and interest in our site continues to grow rapidly. We are now up to 7500 page views a month… and the trend continues upward. With that in mind… and with a real plan for expansion… we are now able to offer a very simple and inexpensive advertising package for suppliers like you to reach your target market. (Audience Demographics and Statistics)

And when we say simple, we mean it (view ad sales page). Pick the section(s) of the site where you want your ad to be featured, the amount of Page Views you want to buy with our online ad buy system, then send us a graphic and link (details). We will alert you when your Page Views are about to run out.
You can then decide if you want to continue with the ad as is (and purchase more Views)
or replace your ad, submit new creative, and then purchase additional Views.
All ad buys include optional placement in our monthly newsletter. We have a highly targeted list of approximately 2,500 planners. To buy and place an ad, go here for more details go here

Thank you for reading this far. The more you use us the more you get.

For more information contact neil@allthingsmeetings.com

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