Make A Movie


Back in 1983 I was on-site in Hawaii at Apple Computer’s annual sales meeting. My assignment: to manage their off-site theme party on a resort’s golf course overlooking the ocean. And by manage… for the most part it involved letting a lot of very professional people do their work. We hired vendors to a) build a movie set for a cowboy western… a complete Main Street with a multitude of saloons, jail, general store, livery stable, all the trimmings and b) the director, film crew and stunt team from Hawaii Five-O, along with an entourage of in-character and costume actors to run the casinos and card games and in general to give the whole scene some “color”.

When the 300 or so Apple salespeople arrived (my, how they’ve grown), they were also given basic costumes and let loose on the set to party and be “extras” in what turned out to be a Cowboy Movie about ridding the town of “Big Blue” (sounds funny now).  The whole party, with the Apple executives as “stars”, was professionally filmed, edited, and shown at their final banquet the next evening to overwhelming applause and standing ovation… and all I can say is… it was probably the most fun party I ever worked on… and based on the amount of alcohol consumed, I am guessing a lot of people felt that way too.