Event-Style Real Escape Games

Speaking of stress… imagine you are in a submarine lodged in a seabed fissure. If you can’t find a way out, you will sink like a rock and suffer a horrible death by suffocation. Or maybe you and your colleagues (that you don’t really know very well) stumbled into the wrong village only to find that it is about to be taken over by werewolves.

I have enough problems of my own without inventing any new ones, but oddly enough there are a lot of people who not only find this kind of horrific dilemma valuable as a team-builder, but also think it’s fun. If you are one of those, then welcome to SCRAP ENTERTAINMENT and The Real Escape Game. http://RealEscapeGame.com

Their event-style games are great team building opportunities for any group. It's an exciting way to spend time with coworkers and most importantly the group will have a wonderful shared experience (assuming they survive). This is a very mobile game style and they can fill a variety of venues while accommodating anywhere from 20-300 players at one time.

Actual Real Escape Rooms are currently located in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Toronto, but they can come to you and tailor the experience/game to your needs.