Weapons Training, Shooting Courses, Krav Maga Techniques, Tactical Paintball...


At the other end of the spectrum, how about Israel’s Eshet Incentives suggestion… Surviving School. Personally, I barely survived school, but I think they really mean Survival School (which I would maybe, just maybe, survive). Ready for this?

Weapons training, Shooting courses, Krav Maga techniques, Tactical paintball and other special extreme activities are based on Israel’s leading Counter-Terror and Security Academy training courses. Team-building activities can last from just two to four hours up to an extreme 10 days (seriously, 10 days). I wanted to ask about airfare refunds on the return flight for those that did not make it through the ten days training, but it’s a detail that can wait.

After (if) you survive your training, you can travel down to the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) and soak in thermo-mineral springs, cover yourself in the mineral-rich mud and then float in the extra-salty Sea Water while sipping refreshing cocktails. It relaxes the body and does the skin and the joints a world of good. And if the waiter is a little slow with that cocktail, you can do some of that Krav Maga stuff on them. Unless they took the course too.

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