Team Building While Saving The Planet

How about a little team building while saving the planet?


The Four Seasons Bora Bora’s resident Marine Biologist (they offered me the job but I had to turn it down) re-creates your company’s corporate logo in an underwater stand that will support coral nubbin grafts (new scrabble word!). The team building activity is best spread out over several days, 75 minutes a day, and guests, with the help of the marine biology team, will snorkel out to the stand and graft two to four nubbins a day. These nubbins will grow, attract local fish and wildlife, and the resort will maintain the “growth” of the corporate logo/stand in the sanctuary for future generations to enjoy. (Note to self – write New Yorker cartoon about beings in the future discovering corporate logos made out of coral).

It’s suitable for every level of snorkeling ability and for all ages. And while you are saving the planet, you can also play with octopus (I am not sure what octopus play, but you’ll find out), feed puffer fish, spot flounders and lion-fish, and essentially realize that you love snorkeling in Bora Bora. I did a shark-feed there years ago and I still think it was one of the coolest things I have ever done.

Dress For Success And Give Back To The Community


This idea came to us by way of Accent on Arrangements, A DMC Network Co. out of New Orleans (…

This takes a little pre-planning but is not only a fun, real team-building thing, it’s one of those give-back-to-the-community things that make everyone better (in some way). “A on A” arranged a partnership with the nationally known charity, Dress for Success, a provider of business clothing for women in need. DFS helps them prepare for job interviews, and supports them with clothing to wear until they get that first paycheck.

The group is told before they even leave home that they will be participating in a community event and asked to bring (and donate) gently-used business clothing. The DMC also scoured some of the local thrift stores for more “eclectic” clothing and accessories, so when the event began there were racks of clothing and tables of other “stuff” that teams could use to create a collection of unique outfits.

Each team selected selects one of their own to be a model, and then had 15 minutes to “shop” the rack and another 15 to create the look. They model their creations before a panel of judges and a Runway Winner is named. All of this creative mayhem (and laughter) was followed by an inspiring talk from one of the charity’s Board members, and there were definitely lots of photo ops afterwards. 

A good time was had by all, and the clothing was then donated to the charity along with an additional financial contribution from the client company.