Lake Tahoe: Off-Roading

Lake Tahoe…  "Extreme" Team Building with Full Access Tahoe gets participants out of their comfort zone... and in theory (they say) that is where growth and change happen (and they end that statement with an exclamation point!). I would just like to interject that I am very comfortable in my comfort zone and at my age… growth and change is not such a big deal. On the other hand… you will love it.

You may have been off-roading but this experience adds a team-building element. Using top-of-the-line 4-seater SUVs, participants race (and bounce) from base camp to different challenges armed with a map (and courage). The event directors are experts when it comes to designing challenges to reinforce key objectives and high-performing team metrics.

I would also like to interject that the term “team metrics” is one of those terms that makes me smile because… it’s one of those terms. Regardless of my seemingly genetic-based cynicism and sarcasm, you will have a great time. Just ignore me and check it out at 

Full Access Tahoe is based out of South Lake Tahoe and runs team building events throughout Northern California and Nevada for groups as small as 6 and as large as 50.