The Amazing Journey - Intercontinental Race

Then… San Francisco Bay Area based Corporate Games might be just the thing.


The Amazing Journey - It’s part “foreign mission,” part intercontinental race. Teams must figure out the 10 cities in the world that comprise the “race route” by finding and deciphering clues, along with attempting fun challenges from facilitators stationed at different places around the city. There are creative elements that draw upon the skills of every team member. Resourcefulness, access to technology and the internet play key roles. The teams are also challenged to amass as much (play) money as possible as they go, since money is what would be needed to finance such a trip. CFO’s will like this part.

The Journey can be customized to fit your company’s current theme or history… or whatever. 

Sailing Lessons and Racing


SF Sailing Company has multiple yachts (not Americas Cup yachts, but… still really cool yachts) and offers Intro to Sailing lessons - They divide up the groups and practice maneuvers such as tacking and jibbing which both require very clear communication and coordination not only for safety, but also to maximize the speed and efficiency of the boat. They then follow it with a race between multiple boats. 

They have two identical vessels that carry 28 and 36 passengers and with their partners can organize regattas and team building events for many more.  Click here to visit their web site.

Weapons Training, Shooting Courses, Krav Maga Techniques, Tactical Paintball...


At the other end of the spectrum, how about Israel’s Eshet Incentives suggestion… Surviving School. Personally, I barely survived school, but I think they really mean Survival School (which I would maybe, just maybe, survive). Ready for this?

Weapons training, Shooting courses, Krav Maga techniques, Tactical paintball and other special extreme activities are based on Israel’s leading Counter-Terror and Security Academy training courses. Team-building activities can last from just two to four hours up to an extreme 10 days (seriously, 10 days). I wanted to ask about airfare refunds on the return flight for those that did not make it through the ten days training, but it’s a detail that can wait.

After (if) you survive your training, you can travel down to the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) and soak in thermo-mineral springs, cover yourself in the mineral-rich mud and then float in the extra-salty Sea Water while sipping refreshing cocktails. It relaxes the body and does the skin and the joints a world of good. And if the waiter is a little slow with that cocktail, you can do some of that Krav Maga stuff on them. Unless they took the course too.

For more info… click here. 

CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil


Speaking of an increased heart-rate… how about CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil at the Club Med Punta Cana ( Yes, you heard me… each team-building session combines circus arts with relevant themes (broken down into “Creative Thinkers”, “Risk Takers” and “Team Players”. Aerial Arts, Flying Trapeze, Juggling, Dancing, and Stilt-Walking are just a few possibilities. 

They say it teaches your group to “hone critical thinking skills, encourage ingenuity and inspire groups to take unconventional routes to accomplish goals”. Yes, I agree, a flying trapeze is definitely an unconventional route… but whenever I read “critical thinking skills” I keep thinking “critical condition”… just not sure how to put that all together in a good joke.

Hawaii: Kailua Ranch And Save The Planet

Hawaii… This recommendation comes courtesy of Joan Palmtag with Meet Hawaii (and she knows what she is talking about). Joan said… “There is an untapped source for inspiration and team building on the Kailua side of Oahu called Kualoa Ranch. We went there on our last annual meeting and did several team building activities. Kualoa Ranch is one of the most beautiful places I have been to on Oahu.”

Joan also says, “There is another smaller organization called Preserve Hawaii – with this one you go places where most tourists do not go and able to do things like clean endangered green sea turtle shells, or plant taro plants.”

Spin Class Will Come To You

I used to take reasonably good care of myself, but now that I am north of 60-ish I figured it is time to relax and let things slide. The hope is that by the time I am done I will still have enough range of motion to be able to reach the TV remote. The jury is still out on my decision… fingers crossed (and so far, I can still cross my fingers). Anyway… for people who think that is a bad idea and that practicing wellness makes you (and/or your team) happier, smarter, and more productive, then here is an outfit that can definitely help…

The core value of their business: The belief lies in the notion that the sum of many personally “well” individuals equates to a healthy team and in turn a vigorous business culture. This, it appears, is a trend that’s here to stay. I suspect this is true because while I am sitting outside my favorite San Francisco café sipping a small triple-shot soy latte with just two pumps of vanilla, I notice that about every third person is carrying a yoga mat and doing something on a smart phone (which I assume is related to their very successful (and vigorous) career as a something). 

Consequently, your team members will more than appreciate… a “they bring it to you” Spin Class. i.Art Fitness rolls in their stationary bikes, the sound equipment, fitness towels, water and staging. Sure, it can be done in your meeting room, but the class can also be outside: ocean side, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, at a winery vineyard paired with a lunch and wine tasting, and an infinite number of other cool and/or iconic locations. Best part, i.Art fitness will plan it all - permits, catering, transportation… and all of that meeting planning stuff.

But wellness is not just about the body. It’s also about the Mind and Soul. Personal note… Presumably, if I have a Soul, it is already well and doesn’t need me to make it “well-er”. On the other hand, I whole-heartedly admit I know absolutely nothing about pretty much everything.

I tend to believe that rather than a Soul, I am just an emergent quality of a complex system (and maybe that’s the same thing) and will dissipate when the system “un-systems”. Kind of like an ant colony. But that’s just me. I also don’t think I have chakras, chi or karma. It seems other people do and they enjoy having them.

I also sometimes think that The Matrix (Part One) is a true story and when the Powers That Be realized that too much information had been disclosed, they purposefully made Matrix Two and Three so bad that everyone just dismissed all of them as nonsense. So don’t let me stop the illusion of you from experiencing the illusion of experience. Or, as my seven-year old tells his friends, ”That’s my Dad. Just ignore him”. I digress.

With i.Art Fitness, meeting planners can easily build a wellness track and incorporate it into their meeting agenda, be it a 4 day conference or a 1 day planning session.  Every service or event they create is customizable.  For example, a “wellness for the body” spin class can become a glow in the dark spin class with a live D.J; a “wellness for the Soul” build-a-bike program can become a Gilligan Island theme party, etc.  If you have a meeting theme or fun idea and want to play---i.Art Fitness will do it.  Check out their web site for the details.