Want To Do Something REALLY Memorable (And Have The Budget For It) - San Luis Obispo County, California

There are over 200 wineries to choose from, but if you want to do something REALLY memorable (and have the budget for it), you can have a private event at Hearst Castle. If you haven’t been there, it is pretty awesome in the “I can’t believe how rich this guy was (talk about the .0001%) and I really wish I was alive then and somehow knew him and got invited to one of his parties because that must have been awesome” kind of thing. On the other hand, I might have just taken a swing at him on general principles so it’s a good thing I wasn’t there. But, since we tend to whitewash history and make it fun…

The hilltop estate may be reserved for private events when it is not in conflict with their regularly scheduled tours. Every special event is held outdoors on one of the Castle’s many (and I mean many) picturesque terraces and must include a tour (which you wanted anyway). Couple of things to remember… you need to make a reservation at least four months in advance and you have to have a lot of money. 

Assuming you can do that… definitely a wow. www.hearstcastle.org

Donna Cohen

I have decades of experience creating and producing online marketing. I left the corporate world to work independently with people who need help establishing and maintaining their online presence. Not everyone knows how, has the aptitude, or time to learn how to use online marketing tools, and nor should they have to try. Those people who need help and/or don't want an in-house marketing team work with me. Each client has different needs, goals and expectations. I do custom work for each of my clients. I get to know each person and know their voice, their style, rhythm and budget. 

I have a large skill set that covers the range of tasks for online marketing. It is both easy and cost efficient to work directly with me. I can get the whole job done. 

Website Design, Build and Optimization, SEO, Keywords, Hashtags, PhotoShop, Email Marketing and Newsletters - Mailchimp, Google Forms (Registration & Surveys), Survey Monkey, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Square, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Word, ePub, Excel, Audience Development, and more.

Book Production; Print and eBook, Design, coding, Marketing and building Audiences.

"AirBnB” For Private Event Spaces - San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City

PeerSpace.com think of it as “AirBnB” for private event spaces but with lots of added value stuff thrown in. It’s a simple concept (now that someone thought of it). Want to have a private event in a cool venue in (for now) San Francisco, Los Angeles and soon to be New York City (and then the world)?
Go to their web site and create a free account (and say I sent you), and you can browse through their entire inventory of cool places, or use one of their many filters… and once you find something you can connect directly with the venue OR… you can chat with one of the PeerSpace people and they’ll help you find what you need. And they are nice too. I use these guys a lot.

And I should mention… it’s not just for “events” in the “let’s have a party” mode. Their staff works closely with their users to help them book space and plan for all kinds of activities, from client meetings and team off-sites to product launch events, photo shoots, executive retreats and all of those other “events that need space things” that I decided not to mention.

An important note… the way they make their money. The venue pays PS most of the finder’s fee…so that’s good… but you pay PeerSpace a fee equivalent to 5% of the venue rental. For example…if the venue charges you $1000, you pay the venue $1k and PeerSpace $50. If the venue charges $300 an hour, you pay that to the venue plus $15 an hour to PeerSpace. And like that.

Yes…it’s money. But you just saved yourself time and found some places you never would have found on your own. Click Here

On-Demand Spaces Fully Equipped, Can Be Rented By The Hour, By The Day In Many Major Cities

Breather.com I asked my contact to describe the service. Is it, I asked, like other meeting space search engines that style themselves as “the Air BnB” of meeting spaces? He said, nope. Think of it as the “ZipCar” of meeting spaces. For the most part, Breather either owns or leases the spaces. They are not the middleman.

They say… Breather spaces are available on-demand, and can be rented by the hour, by the day or by the week. With close to 200 locations in 10 cities (at the moment) you'll find a Breather when and where you need one. The only thing you'll need to access Breather is your smartphone– reserve a space and unlock the door with a unique PIN code when you arrive.

Note… currently their inventory contains rooms comfortable to fit as few as 2 people and as many as 75, Whether your team needs white glove service and catering for 50, or just need some space to talk, Breather's has options. All rooms include free high-speed wifi, a work and lounge area, as well as AV equipment.

Meeting and Event Planners Can Coordinate The Chef, Venue And Menu - NY, SF, CHI, LA, Portland, Wash DC

Feastly, Meeting and event planners can coordinate the chef, venue and menu..

To paraphrase them,”Feastly is an online marketplace for great chefs to do their own thing. It creates a social dining network for individuals in cities across the country, creating new culinary experiences for adventurous diners while giving chefs a creative and profitable outlet.”

In non-marketing speak, that means chefs from every style and cuisine (they currently work with about 200 in San Francisco) will create a menu for a one-time event and then sell a limited number of tickets to the public. They may be trying out a new menu for their restaurant, or just want to break out into something new, or they are an up-and-comer and want to create a following… whatever.

And here’s why I am writing about it.

Private events are a big part of Feastly.  Meeting and event planners can coordinate the chef, venue and menu, creating dinners and classes for your group.  You could tell them that you want French, Peruvian, Hawaiian-Filipino Fusion, Japanese, Asian Fusion Tapas, a Middle Eastern Vegan brunch, Macaroni and Cheese (presumably) and really everything else under the Sun. Every style, every ethnicity. They can find the best chef to fit exactly what you want… or it can work the other way… you tell them the date and they will tell you who is available and the chefs expertise… or something in the middle of all that.

Depending on the particular Feastly venue you choose, they can do up to 50 seated guests or a reception for 80. Your attendees can hang with the chef, ask questions (or not), eat really good food and get loud without having to worry about those other “people” in the restaurant. Another cool thing… you can bring your own wine if you want (or buy or through them).

At the moment they have four locations in San Francisco, two in Los Angeles, and will soon have one in Portland. Eventually, the world.  https://eatfeastly.com/