Meeting and Event Planners Can Coordinate The Chef, Venue And Menu - NY, SF, CHI, LA, Portland, Wash DC

Feastly, Meeting and event planners can coordinate the chef, venue and menu..

To paraphrase them,”Feastly is an online marketplace for great chefs to do their own thing. It creates a social dining network for individuals in cities across the country, creating new culinary experiences for adventurous diners while giving chefs a creative and profitable outlet.”

In non-marketing speak, that means chefs from every style and cuisine (they currently work with about 200 in San Francisco) will create a menu for a one-time event and then sell a limited number of tickets to the public. They may be trying out a new menu for their restaurant, or just want to break out into something new, or they are an up-and-comer and want to create a following… whatever.

And here’s why I am writing about it.

Private events are a big part of Feastly.  Meeting and event planners can coordinate the chef, venue and menu, creating dinners and classes for your group.  You could tell them that you want French, Peruvian, Hawaiian-Filipino Fusion, Japanese, Asian Fusion Tapas, a Middle Eastern Vegan brunch, Macaroni and Cheese (presumably) and really everything else under the Sun. Every style, every ethnicity. They can find the best chef to fit exactly what you want… or it can work the other way… you tell them the date and they will tell you who is available and the chefs expertise… or something in the middle of all that.

Depending on the particular Feastly venue you choose, they can do up to 50 seated guests or a reception for 80. Your attendees can hang with the chef, ask questions (or not), eat really good food and get loud without having to worry about those other “people” in the restaurant. Another cool thing… you can bring your own wine if you want (or buy or through them).

At the moment they have four locations in San Francisco, two in Los Angeles, and will soon have one in Portland. Eventually, the world.