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The Magic Bus, the Backroads of Texas, and Me.
The background story… my niece runs a non-profit called Whenever there is a natural disaster and families are evacuated, or there is a refugee crisis somewhere in the world, her volunteers go in either with an old school bus or shipping container, plus lots of art supplies, and hold art classes for kids. Helps them get through the trauma (plus gives their parents a break). My niece has won all sorts of awards for setting this thing up… and she is cool.

Anyway, after Hurricane Maria in Houston they sent in one of their old school busses and when it was all over, she needed a volunteer to drive it back to San Francisco. I said why not… a road trip sounded like fun, plus I could stay at some nice hotels along the way and write about them.

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Why Meeting People Is A Good Idea

Full Disclosure… I organize events where people meet people. I guess this is a self-serving article, but since someone else asked me to write it I also guess it’s OK. Here’s the over-simplified punchline first…

If you don’t care about time, money and your effectiveness, then relationships don’t matter. If you do, they do.

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This Cute Little Group of Hotels

First, I apologize for using the word “cute”. Second, you may not have heard of MetWest Terra Hotels, but you might be familiar with some of their Bay Area boutique properties. In case you have not… here is some basic info and check out their web sites when you get a chance. Here goes…

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Why I Really Like GSOs

Here’s why… sometimes I have to find answers from a lot of places all at once. A multiple destination search, a large, complicated event… or maybe I have to find something in a destination I have never worked… I turn to my GSO friends and suddenly have an army of helpers who want to help me close a deal.

I have listed some of them in previous blogs but here’s a more comprehensive list… or at least one that will help get you started when you have to do that next search… Note… I have put in my contacts e-mails and you are welcome to contact them, although depending on your location they may refer you to a colleague… and remember, there may be some overlap in properties that belong to more than one group (but that is their problem, not yours)… anyway… here goes… and not in any order of preference…

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New York. Center of the Universe.

I grew up in New York City. Been back many times over the years and (assuming I have some money in my pocket), immediately feel comfortable there…the intensity, the “everything in its original” experience. The Babel of languages, the food, the feeling of “there is no place like this” and it goes on forever. But my Moldovan born wife and Siberian born son had never been, so I had the great pleasure of re-experiencing the city through their eyes. They had no idea where we would be going or what we would be doing until I surprised them… it was fantastic. 

We stayed in four different hotels over four nights, so I could show them the different neighborhoods…

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More Team building Plus Etc

Part of my job… to give you (as in the meeting/event planner) ideas about things you can use. I try to put them in to categories, but sometimes they all just overlap. So here is a “conglomeration” that I hope you can use. :)

Hey, wait a second, how did this 496-room Scottsdale resort with 50k square feet of meeting space 36-holes of golf, a 90k sq. ft. casino, six restaurants, 3 pools and a Las Vegas style showroom appear in a team building blog? Because… they have a “zillion” team building options either on property or “like”, right there.

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I get a lot of e-mails. A recent one began, ”Hi, I was the former guitarist/vocalist for the multi-Platinum band, BOSTON…”. My first thought was… wow, this Nigerian Prince thing has really evolved, but as I read through it I realized, hey, this really was David Victor!

Why me? He now does this music/ team-building thing… and so I am now introducing him to you. You… David (the BOSTON guy). David…You. Here’s the brief over-view…

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Here's An Idea For A Meeting Venue

Ireland is one of those places I would go back to again and again. Some of the nicest people I have ever met (and you also want them on your side in a bar fight). I could write pages and pages, BUT… for now, I had asked my DMC friend, Derek Wallace with the Wallace Travel Group (, to give me an idea about a “different” meeting and/or event venue in or around Dublin. He recommended…

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Here's An Idea Vol I.

I really loved my experiences in Costa Rica. It has everything a planner could want, plus lots of “critters” (I like critters) and great photo opportunities (I like photo opportunities). I asked Mauricio Arevalo (a really nice guy) with Costa Rica DMC ( to suggest an event for a group that has limited time to really explore the amazing diversity that is Costa Rica. He suggested…

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...and budget was no object… what would I want to do

A big part of my business life has involved suggesting destinations and activities for corporate incentives and meetings. This blog theme… if I was the guy who decided… and budget was no object… what would I want to do. The options are endless, but I will start with this (and I will definitely bring my camera) and will continue the infinite series over time…

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I took my family for a quick get-away to the Mendocino Coast and thought it would be a great opportunity to do some research and write a blog about meeting options in the same way I have written about many other destinations.