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I took my family for a quick get-away to the Mendocino Coast and thought it would be a great opportunity to do some research and write a blog about meeting options in the same way I have written about many other destinations.

I contacted the Visitors Bureau up there and asked if they could introduce me to the salespeople who might be interested so I could gather info and publish a (free) blog hyping their destination… didn’t ask for any favors (I already had a B&B rez) and got this very funny response from their representative, Koleen…

“Thank you for reaching out.  Mendocino County is not marketed as a meetings destination so we will kindly pass on this opportunity.” 

OK. Understand. Never mind. I don’t know if all of the hotels in Mendocino are aware of this official policy, but it was certainly news to the folks at the brand-new Inn at Newport Ranch... READ